Through many methods, GreenTech Recyclers can permanently destroy all sensitive data your electronic equipment may contain.  A Certificate of Destruction will be provided upon completion of any of the following procedures.


DoD 5220.22 M Compliant Drive Wiping : Our trained technicians can erase your hard drives and other data discs using software programs that will erase all information, write over the entire disc, and erase it again, as many times as you require.  ALL software programs used are compliant with the Department of Defense.  Your data will be completely unrecoverable while the actual disc can still be reused.  This method can only be performed on functioning media.


Degaussing : Degaussing machines are used to demagnetize any magnetic object, in this case, a hard drive or data tape.  By resetting your media’s magnetic field to a neutral state, it not only erases your data, but the media can no longer be used.  This method is usually used on media that no longer functions but still contains sensitive data.


Shredding : For complete peace of mind, your media can be sent through a mechanical shredder. That means physically shredding the hard drive and disposing of the minute particles that remain.