Tom Jacob, Vice President – Business Development

Phone: (248)850-7315 Ext. 124
Fax: (248)850-7532

Tom Jacob specializes in providing organizations with the most cost-effective method of disposal for their computer and electronic equipment. The goal in mind with every opportunity presented to him is to use the equipment’s scrap material or resale value to offset the cost of packaging, transportation, recycling, and data destruction. From removal to recycle, Tom will see to it that your retired equipment is transferred from your facility to ours the safest, quickest, and cheapest way possible. Contact Tom today to schedule your pickup.
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Mary Wojtkowski, Administrator

Phone: (248)850-7315 Ext. 123
Fax: (248)850-7532

Mary Wojtkowski oversees our day-to-day process to keep us running smoothly. For any billing, reporting, or scheduling inquiries, or if you are a vendor that is interested in providing services to or for GreenTech Recyclers, contact Mary today.
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Paul Jacob, President

Phone: (248)850-7315 Ext. 122
Fax: (248)850-7532

Paul Jacob assists organizations on a larger scale who may require nationwide or global recycling, asset recovery, and data security solutions. His number one goal is to minimize your costs, maximize the return on your investment, and eliminate your data security liabilities. Also, if you are interested in purchasing equipment from GreenTech, or selling equipment to GreenTech, contact Paul with any opportunities you may have.
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