According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, figures for the year 2010 show that Americans generate over 3.16 million tons of E-Waste each year, while only a mere 430,000 tons, or 13.6%, is recycled.  With a pollution problem of this magnitude, we have to ask ourselves…

                            “Am I Part of the Problem?”


GreenTech Recyclers provides a responsible and affordable way for individuals and organizations to properly dispose of their retired electronic equipment.  Every piece processed at our recycling center and headquarters in Oak Park, MI. is guaranteed to be re-purposed either as a whole unit or as bare materials in newly manufactured technology.  GreenTech Recyclers proudly operates under a No-Landfill Policy, keeping your discarded electronics out of landfills and developing countries.

Please contact us today as we would appreciate the opportunity to outline a recycling program that best suits your organization.